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It’s not easy to give up a successful career for another and then move to a new country, but Tawnya Falker followed her passion. Once a designer and developer in San Fancisco, Falkner packed up her life in pursuit of another type of designing gig. Landing in Nuits St Georges in Burgundy, France, Falker began to build Le Grand Courtâge (LGC). Courtage—meaning a boat leaving on a long voyage—fully emulates Falker’s quest to producing deliciously delicate sparkling wines. Her wines merge the many years of grape growing experience in the region and today’s progressive blending techniques.

To continue spicing up her brand, Falker implements what she calls the 3 Ps: price, palate, and packaging. LGC wines are incredibly affordable without sacrificing any taste. Being an American, she, like the rest of us stateside have a naturally sweeter palate than Europeans. Applying this fact with the French spirit of the joie de vivre (joy of life), each wine has a pinch of residual sugar to balance the acidity. The combination of French and American personas meant the packaging and labels on these wines needed to be eye popping yet maintaining a subtle elegance. And each bottle is encrypted with some words of wisdom (located at the top of the article) to keep spirits happy and hopeful.

The wines themselves are delightfully feminine with a spritz of baby bubbles. Overall crisp, light, and refreshing, LGC wines entice with hints of fruit and floral to compliment the dryness, yeast, and acidity. This sparkler meshes well with most cuisines. Sip casually whilst daydreaming about what tomorrow or years down the line will bring. Cheers!

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