Shangri-la – (n) originating from The Lost Horizon by James Hilton (1993); an imaginary paradise on earth; a faraway haven or hideaway of idyllic beauty and tranquility.

In the heart of London sits a palace in the sky, a true oriental paradise that quite frankly can be found nowhere else in Europe. Proudly situated within Europe’s tallest building, the Shangri-La is a testament to the cutting edge innovations available to us in the 21st century. The truly unique architecture of the building allows you to get the very best out of its central location but one of the most phenomenal traits lies in the very foundation of its corporate philosophy. The Shangri-La has a core focus on hiring the vast majority of its staff from within a 10-mile radius of the building, to promote local employment, quality of life and help give the area a little income boost.

Inhabiting the 34th-52nd floors of Renzo Piano’s iconic building just a short stroll from London’s bustling Borough Market, the Shangri-La Hotel, At the Shard, London offers city seekers a moment of tranquility. Vast, surrounding windows offer spectacular views of the city without the noise and craziness despite being located right in the heart of it all.

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Modern and elegant, each of the 202 guestrooms and suites allows visitors to indulge in the luxury life even if only for a night. As a result of The Shard’s distinct and unique design, each room features floor-to-ceiling windows. The vast city lights blink and twinkle like fireflies sending you off into blissful slumber. The room’s atmosphere is not to be ignored. Refined material such as marble and silk are creatively merged with contemporary fashions to complement the urban landscape. Other comforting features include automatic climate control and the patented, body-contouring Shangri-La bed.

The list of offerings and services is endless. But most notably, guests are encouraged to take a culinary journey to one or all of the three offered dining venues within the Shangri-La.

The LÁNG is the hotel’s artisan deli and café found on the ground floor. Enjoy lighter breakfast, lunch, and baked good offers. That typical café feel is amplified with the lofty and relaxed space accentuated with warm wood tones and glass displays brimming all the enticingly sweet goodies.

Sitting snugly on the 35th floor a culinary sensation awaits in the form of TĪNG. The food is mouthwatering with some truly unique Asian inspired fusion dishes, paired with an exceptional wine tasting menu. If you decide to visit for dinner, watch in awe as dusk slowly covers the city, the shadow of the Shard stretching miles into the distance like nothing you’ve ever seen before. Those who are lucky enough can witness full moons laminating through the glass as you overlook one of the most glorious cities in the world in a way. Dry few are fortunate enough to see it in.

The GŎNG sits on the 52nd floor making it the highest bar in London. Incorporating traditional Chinese furnishings and color, the venue has several intimate chambers (Cocktail Bar, Champagne Bar, and the Swimming Pool). With an extraordinary backdrop of the city skyline, the GŎNG is perfect for sunset cocktails or afternoon tea.

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31 St Thomas Street
London, SE1 9QU, United Kingdom

(44 20) 7234 8000