Decanters are objects of beauty. Ranging from traditional elegance to mind-bending, they excite the eye and entice the wine lover with the promise of flavors to come. While these fine pieces of glassware are amazing, the time involved in traditional decanting can be exhausting, and even torture, if anticipation of a forthcoming wine is overpowering. Enter the Aero Wine Aerator. This sleek aerator coaxes out the rich fruit and flavors of a wine in a minute, tops. Simply insert the stem of this aerator into the wine, press the button and wait for 30 seconds, and—voila—your wine is ready for the drinking.

This wine aerator comes with both a long and short stem for aerating in either the wine bottle or in a serving glass. It also includes an LED light to illuminate the wine during the aeration process, and a display stand for convenient countertop storage. Just don’t forget to have AAA batteries on-hand for the aerator lest you’ll be back to the sweet torture of waiting.