In the world of neutral mainstream vodkas, one vodka dares to stand out and be different even if it means not pleasing every consumer who tastes its contents. Purity Vodka, as it’s name suggests, is created using natural ingredients including the finest organic winter wheat and malted barely meaning this product is certified all-organic in Europe and the United States. Master Blender Thomas Kuuttanen created Purity by combining heritage and innovation. It comes to life and gains its full-bodied complex flavor with a smooth and sophisticated character in a unique vodka still made from copper and gold at 13th Century Ellinge Castle in the south of Sweden. Kuuttanen spent a decade redefining the recipe for Purity in order to produce a new kind of ultra premium vodka resulting in a neutral vodka with maximum character and an incredibly smooth finish. The secret behind the purity, aside from the ingredients, is an outcome of a different type of distillation—Purity is distilled 34 times so that 90% if the liquid is lost leaving only a super refined, natural flavored spirit not needing any filtration. Go organic!