A century old recipe gains new recognition as the first honey-vanilla infused Tequila to make its way into America. Dulce Dorado translates to “Sweet Gold” in Spanish and oh boy does this tequila live up to its namesake. The recipe stems from Carlos’s grandfather who first distilled this glorious drink in Puerto Penasco Mexico, a small fishing town south of Arizona on the Mexican Baja. Carlos, now a master distiller, carried on the family tradition by infusing the finest quality 100% Blue Agave with a perfect merging of sweet sticky honey, charming vanilla, and enticing spices to produce perhaps one of the most smoothest, easiest drinking Tequila ever.

When Dulce Dorado caressed the lips of Dave and Andrea, it had the Midas touch effect and left them stunned at the delicate swirl of flavors. It was at this moment they knew Dulce Dorado needed to make its debut stateside. After years of finalizing their small batch operation, Dave and Andrea still produce Dulce Dorado the old-fashioned way. This tequila is not only delicious straight but also is incredibly versatile in a variety of cocktails and classic drinks. You’ll be handing Dulce Dorado the gold medal of your tequila collection without a doubt.

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