Your favorite celebrity liquor company is reminding us candy is not just for kids. Casamigos Tequila founded by George Clooney and Cindy Crawford’s spouse Rande Gerber is teaming up with the high end specialty candy company Sugarfina to create a complete line of liquor luxury candies. Sugarfina is home to candy loving founders Rosie O’Neill and retired video game designer Josh Resnick, their marriage is a metaphor for how their business collaborates with others, being known for their cocktail infused candies like their deliciously infamous champagne gummi bears. Casamigos and Sugarfina seem like an obvious match in the fast paced edible entrepreneurial world with both enterprises first launching in 2013 and quickly becoming extremely lucrative within a few years. This tasty partnership is paralleled in the products, including cordials with a shot of tequila inside the candy, grapefruit sours and margarita gummies all accessible for purchase today online.