Domaine Gayda vineyards are delivering the perfect 100% Syrah Villa Mon Reve. Villa Mon Reve is romantically named after a stone cottage built on the grounds for the previous owner’s wife during her last years. Meant to be a place of pristine beauty and calm, this north-facing Syrah reflects the tasting ease of the 2013 vintage.

Bringing old world flavor without the heaviness of a Shiraz, Villa Mon Reve graces the appetite with fresh blackberry and violets. Aged in oak barrels and no need for refining or filtration, the process underlines the Syrah peppery bottom notes and layered sweetness. “Villa Mon Reve” translates to ‘the house of my dream,Domaine Gayda vineyards prove that memories can be captured in a bottle. Open a chance to be transported into the past, be able to visualize the charming rolling hills of the wine production capital of France by taste, Villa Mon Reve is obtainable on online retailers today.

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