The Bloomsbury Club; a group of gin drinking veterans that have a desire to recreate an array of London Gins with historical accuracy and significance to the Victorian era. To accomplish their goal they formed a partnership with the 8th generation London distiller, Charles Maxwell of Thames Distillers in Clapham, London to create Gin Lane 1751. The gin act of 1751 banned the sale of gin in prisons, the workhouse, and everyday shops. Distillers were unable to sell gin directly and it became less readily available and more expensive to purchase. By Victorian times, gin became a prized drink of respectability.

Winston Churchill was known for his love of Old Tom Gin, finding that London Dry was too dry and that Geneva-style gin too sweet. The Gin Lane 1751 Old Tom style achieves just was Winston’s taste buds were looking for. The Old Tom style is lighter and less intense, with a touch of sweetness that is achieved from the star anise botanical with a touch of refined sugar. The eight natural botanicals used are juniper, orris root, Seville oranges, angelica, Sicilian lemon, star anise, cassia bark, and coriander. The outcome is a full-bodied, impeccably balanced gin. This is truly a drink for the gin lovers.

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