Bartenders use math every day as they add, subtract, multiply, divide and convert to create the calculated concoctions we all love to order, but beyond the math required to craft a perfectly balanced drink, few people consider the numbers that go into each bottle of their favorite spirits. Greenbar Distillery is out to change that way people think about infused spirits and their ability to change the world.

One Bottle = One Tree
Greenbar Distillery Tree Planting drink me Greenbar Distillery

Photo Credit: Sustainable Harvest International

In 2008, Greenbar Distillery founders Melkon Khosrovian and Litty Mathew decided to partner with Sustainable Harvest, an organization that promotes sustainability in rural farming by providing the education and resources needed for farmers to cultivate the land responsibly. For each bottle of Greenbar Distillery’s organic liquor purchased, an indigenous tree is planted in Central America. These trees, now numbering over 700,000 from Greenbar Distillery alone, provide shade for ground crops and reduce carbon in the atmosphere. Whether you prefer Greenbar Distillery’s herbaceous CITY Gin or their woodsy SLOW HAND Whiskey, you can breathe easy knowing each sip is contributing to a more sustainable world.

100% = Zero
Greenbar Distillery Product Line up drink me Greenbar Distillery Campaign

With its distinctive beaming heart logo and surprisingly lightweight feel, each bottle distributed by Greenbar Distillery is as special as the infused spirit housed inside. Each colorful label is crafted from 100% recycled paper, free of plastic additives, metallic paints, and contaminating frosting. Each bottle contains less glass than a traditional spirit bottle without sacrificing strength.Greenbar Distillery’s production process is as green as possible and they go one step further: they offset each bottle’s low 2-7 lbs CO2 footprint by planting a tree to celebrate the bottle’s creation. Each tree absorbs around 1,741 lbs of CO2. Thanks to Greenbar Distillery and its customers, never has so much resulted in so little!

Zero = Everything
Greenbar Distillery drink me Greenbar Distillery Campaign

Greenbar Distillery aficionados say “you can choose to drink better & drink to a better world,” but what does that really mean? Each bottle of Greenbar Distillery’s delicious infused liquor contains fresh flavors and equals two weeks of carbon negativity. We all have an average carbon footprint of 121 lbs CO2 daily but Greenbar Distillery’s fans only need to enjoy one organic cocktail a day to reach carbon negativity:

121 lbs CO2 (average U.S. person’s carbon footprint)
–     137 lbs CO2 (Greenbar Distillery cocktail’s carbon footprint)
=   –16 lbs CO2

From CRUSOE Rum to TRU Vodka to IXÁ Tequila, every option in Greenbar Distillery’s portfolio of organic infused spirits is a good one – both for you and the planet. As Greenbar Distillery continues to purchase exclusively organic produce and practice sustainable manufacturing and packaging, they also look to further innovate their production to find more ways to reduce carbon emissions, looking beyond themselves to help reset the world’s carbon load, and to help people see that [carbon] negative is the new positive.

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