Spring is fast approaching and with its arrival so comes a chance to embrace a new spirit or a refreshing cocktail. It is a time to try something different and Slingsby Rhubarb Gin, a unique brand cornering the market, is that something. Made from botanicals and fresh water sourced in the picturesque English town of Harrogate, the gin emerges soft red in color and carries the spirit of Harrogate with it in every bottle. It is not surprising that for the team of founders behind Slingsby, the motto has always been, to do things a little differently.

The name Slingsby is an homage to the local legend, William Slingsby, who discovered the benefits of natural spring water, back in 1571. The company’s determination to imbue each spirit with locally sourced fresh water is ultimately what gives Slingsby Rhubarb Gin (not to mention every other Spirit in their domain) such an exceptionally pure taste. Sweet flavors of rhubarb and raspberry are balanced well against a Grapefruit tang. Originally released as a Limited Edition in November 2015, the multi award-winning Rhubarb Gin is here to stay. For it brings a unique flavor to the table. It is a drink that is above all and worth embracing this spring.

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