When is the last time you actually had time to let your wine breathe? If you don’t remember, it’s fine, because neither do I. We are told to let wine breathe before consuming, but after popping that cork, it’s difficult to resist a taste — or a bottle (no judgement). Let me tell you about a company who is here for us, revolutionizing what we’ve been told, and letting our wine breath as we pour it into our glass.

Chevalier Collection, founded in 2011, specializes in patented stemware, offering aeration to red and white wines right in the glass. Finally. You might ask yourself, “why do I need a wine aerator?” I’ll give you three reasons, besides the one I already stated:

  1. Allowing your wine to breathe results in a better, more expensive taste (ooh la la).
  2. Using an aerator cuts down the sadness between opening your wine and consuming your wine by letting it breathe faster and more effectively.
  3. It’s worth the money. Better wine = better happiness.

Chevalier Collection wine glasses are designed in California, and created in Connecticut. They are hand-blown and assembled, made of lead-free, borosilicate glass, creating a glass more resistant to thermal shock than normal glassware. This resistance allows the glasses to be dishwasher safe, creating an easier cleanup for you.

Third-party laboratory tests have proven Chevalier Collection’s design not only aerates wine just as effectively as other devices, but aerates better than some alternatives. The supreme functionality, combined with the discrete size, is ideal for those who love wine, and prefer less clutter. And, even though holidays are a bit away, Chevalier Collection’s in-glass wine aerating glasses will make the perfect gift for any wine lover – including you.

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