Exercise your taste buds with Skinner’s Brewery Beer Tasting Kit. Skinner’s Brewery was founded in Cornwall, England in 2007 by Steve Skinner. The family-based enterprise is committed to offering a family-friendly tasting experience (for those of age, of course). Inspired by their own, on-site brewery tours, Skinner created a kit that can travel anywhere for beer lovers all across the world.

Like a brewery tour, consumers will get to try a variety of beers with educational resources to guide them through their tastings. Tasting cards, an aroma wheel, fun quizzes, and guides will help determine what tasters love and what they loathe. Details on the beer’s origin, history, brewing process and storing information are also included. Whether you’re a home brewer, bartender, or just enjoy an occasional cold one with the boys, Skinner’s Beer Tasting Kit will invigorate your mind and senses.

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