Camping sounds like a great idea for a fun vacation. Until you realize that putting up a confusing tent will take three hours alone and smelly sleeping bags have been collecting mold in the attic. Wouldn’t it be amazing if there was a way to experience the comfort of a luxury hotel while still enjoying the fresh and beautiful outdoors? AutoCamp provides vacationers in California a unique camping experience with luxury tents and sleek and chic Airstream campers. Each camper is equipped with hip designs and décor. Pretty showers and baths are ensured to prevent the unhygienic stereotypes of camping from happening. Malin+Goetz bath products are provided for the luxurious experience. Food and wine are sourced locally in the location that the camp is in for guaranteed high quality and freshness. AutoCamp is currently serving two beautiful locations in Santa Barbara and Russian River. Schedule a retreat with your company or even just a family fun vacation. AutoCamp certainly brings glamping to a whole new level.