Most people would be surprised to learn that the City of London is distinct from the capital of England.  Known as the Square Mile, “the City within the city” is home to iconic landmarks such as St. Paul’s Cathedral, the northern ends of the London and Millennial bridges, and bits and pieces of the old London Wall originally built by the Romans.  At the heart of “little London’s” historic financial district lie the Bank of England and the Royal Exchange.  The latter plays host to the Threadneedle Bar, a stylish lounge that serves wine, Champagne, spirits, and cocktails from a terrace overlooking the Grand Café.

The Bar’s new collection of smoky cocktails is inspired by current cocktail trends, which favor whisky, mezcal, and ingredients infused with wood smoke to create a hazy flavor reminiscent of camp fires and summer BBQs.  The collection includes the Mexican Negroni, the Smoky Mandarin, The Art of Rum, The Lumberjack, and The White Lord—a tantalizing mixture of Tanqueray Gin, Suze, and Martini Bianco that’s sure to make your mouth water.

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