Yes, you read the headline right. The review you’re about to read is for a vodka that tastes like smoked salmon.

It sounds a little fishy, I know, but Alaska Distillery manages to pull it off for fish lovers. To make this spirit, Alaska Distillery starts with its vodka, which is triple distilled with glacier water, and then infuses it with smoked Wild Alaskan Salmon. The results are a salmon-colored vodka with, well, a smoky fish flavor.

This vodka is just one of many interesting offerings from Alaska Distillery. They have spirits that just sound like they came from the cold state—Permafrost Vodka, Fireweed Vodka, and Frostbite Vodka. Still their Smoked Salmon Flavored Vodka is the most undeniably experimental spirit in their line—one that you would associate with The Last Frontier.

My verdict: it’s a nice addition to a Bloody Mary, but if you don’t like salmon you may want to skip this one.