When we think of exceptional gin the first flavors to spring to mind are pronounced botanicals like juniper and coriander. Sloane’s Premium Dry Gin was crafted in the Netherlands in honor of British botanist and doctor Sir Hans Sloane, whose vast botanical collection was influential on British gin distillers in the 18th century. Crafted using a unique small-batch process that involves the individual distillation of Morrocan coriander, Italian juniper berries, Indian cardamom pods, and whole vanilla beans sourced from Madagascar, Sloane’s boasts a vibrant but balanced juniper-forward flavor profile that allows each botanical essence to shine through.

At San Francisco’s prestigious World Spirits Competition Sloane’s Premium Dry Gin was not only awarded “World’s Best Gin” but also received a double gold medal and a nod for “Best White Spirit.” Sloane’s is the only spirit in the contest’s history to be chosen for the “World’s Best Gin” accolade unanimously by every one of the 44 judges. Could 44 industry experts unanimously be mistaken? We think not, but we’ll let you be the judge. Sloane’s is now available for purchase in the United States through distributor Biagio Cru and Estate Wines.

Dr. Sloane may not have had gin in mind when he was wandering around the world collecting seeds, pods, and roots for his collection all those years ago, but when we pour a little Sloane’s Premium Dry gin over ice our tastebuds applaud his efforts.

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