You’re reclining on your favorite chair while the warm summer sun soaks into your skin. You reach over for your glass, but find it empty. With a shrug you sink back into your chair for an afternoon snooze only to be stirred a moment later by the pouring of liquid in your glass. A familiar voice arouses you for some conversation. Another enlightening tale beginning with “When I was a young lad…”

Bond with your old Grand-Dad over Old Grand-Dad Bonded. A raconteur’s drink—a classy vintage bourbon recipe coupled with a contemporary facelift—perfect for sipping whilst telling stories from the good ol’ days. Enjoy the medium bodied beverage with pinches of vanilla, corn, and smoky oat flavors in classic cocktails or alone. I wouldn’t suggest going drink for drink with old Grand Pap; he’s had many years to build up tolerance to prepare for this 100 proof bourbon aged for four years. With an empty bottle and the sun setting, you know you’ll have peaceful dreams of the vivid tales.