Good news for the itinerant imbiber: this summer Cointreau has launched a solution for your classy-cocktail-on-the-go needs. The Cocktail Maker from Cointreau is designed to be a vessel in which to shake up a classic Cointreau Fizz, (with plenty of fresh lime juice and topped with sparkling water) but hosting an outdoor gathering like a BBQ or picnic is a perfect opportunity to get creative with the shakers.

Add fresh herbs like mint or summer basil for an herbaceous foil to the citrus liqueur’s sweetness, fresh muddled strawberries, blueberries, or blackberries, shake up, and sip away (even the straw is included). With these easily transportable party packs including the 200ml shaker, a 500ml bottle of Cointreau, and the individually-wrapped straw, all you have to supply is the mixers and the convivial spirit.

As we know you’ve got conviviality for days already, just grab some soda water, limes, and whatever other accoutrements you’d care to gather to ensure your cocktail’s pizazz, and shake it up with ice. Cocktails on the go, served up with flair in The Cointreau Cocktail Maker.