Ahhh, those precious golden September or early October afternoons where the sun is shining warm upon our heads, the ocean still retains its summer warmth, and depending on the region, perhaps the first few red and yellow leaves of autumn are beginning to pepper the treetops with color. We refer to it as “Indian summer”, and damned if the marketing gurus behind UK-based Indian Summer Gin haven’t captured that elusive essence in a bottle.

If a good gin and tonic epitomizes the classic summer cocktail, then how about a saffron-infused gin shaken with fresh cucumber, mint, and lime juice, and of course topped with the requisite tonic for a touch of sweetness and sparkle, as the go-to cocktail for that perfect “Indian summer” afternoon?

Distillers at Indian Summer Gin have ingeniously infused this smooth, citrus-forward, and richly herbaceous gin with the rare and beautifully aromatic saffron spice, adding an unexpected dimension to the omnipresent flavors of coriander, juniper, and lemon peel. The saffron also lends a delicate golden hue to the spirit, making a cocktail shaken with bright green mint and lime as visually appealing as it is delicious. Kick back with a refreshing Indian Summer Gin cocktail amongst friends, close your eyes, and hold onto those perfect early autumn afternoons, for they are too often as fleeting as they are lovely.