In the ever-growing IPA landscape, beers can get lost in the shuffle. These days, it takes a true innovator to stand out in the crowd. Six years ago, the seasoned brewers at Sierra Nevada put their heads together and made an incredible break through. They discovered that you can create a triple IPA that has all the great flavor of a double, or even single IPA, without skimping on hoppiness or the all-important alcohol content. With this breakthrough, Sierra Nevada introduced the world to their triple IPA, Hoptimum.

It was safe to say it was a success. But then as quickly as it was there it was gone. The limited release was over and hop lovers everywhere had to find other avenues quench their hoppy thirst. Until now.

The time has come, after 6 long years, for the return of Hoptimum. And it is well worth the wait, as this is their hoppiest beer yet. Dry hopped for maximum taste, from the moment it hits your lips, Hoptimum is a hurricane of flavor. Yes, it has grown and changed over these six years, evidenced by the new label and new recipe, but it is a welcomed growth. This long-time favorite now boasts 3 kinds of hops, Citra, Simcoe and Chinook, and is layered with aromatic notes of grapefruit, rose, and lilac. The finish is familiarly dry and lasting. Sierra Nevada’s Hoptimum didn’t mean to leave for so long, but it’s back now and you should welcome it with both of your arms wide open, and maybe a few other arms to help you carry extra cases.

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