The Trentino region of Northern Italy is home to some of the very best plots and vineyards in Italy and in the world. The premier wine makers at Cavit recognized all the untapped potential and beauty of this region and decided to start using the 30- to 60-year-old vines the area is known for to craft their exceptional vino. Their Pinot Grigio is no different, true to the heritage and terroir of the land, the grapes are hand selected and cultivated from only the best plots, giving it a superior quality and extraordinary taste. The 100% Pinot Grigio grapes used in this wine were gently whole bunch crushed to avoid losing any of the beautiful pale straw yellow color and preserving the bright flavor.

The versatility of this Pinot Grigio is second to none. Its bouquet is rich with floral notes if enjoyed right after bottling, and if you wait to open it, the notes mature into ripe fruit, making it a delicious accompaniment no matter when you decide to uncork it. But no matter when you pour, Cavit’s Bottega Vinaia Pinot Grigio will always be fresh and crisp with delicate, yet intense flavor, pairing perfectly with scallops, shellfish or risotto.  This is truly gold medal wine.

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