Sometimes it’s not the XX on a bottle of moonshine, it’s the XOXO inside it. At least that was the case for Mark Ramsey and Digger Manes: As a result of their cherished wives’ fondness for an experimental first batch of hazelnut rum, the two Moonshiners stars have carefully perfected their homemade recipe. Ramsey and Manes tramped through Tennessee honing their fermentation craft long before anyone saw them on TV…but now they’re ready to share one of their final products with the world as well as their adventures. Through a partnership with Sugarlands Distilling Company, even city folk can experience this updated twist on the tonic of the hills. Take a sniff before you quaff to enjoy the nutty, brown sugar aroma; then taste the hints of honey and vanilla for a sweet but full-bodied experience. Equally suited to shot or cocktail form, Hazelnut Rum is a testament to homegrown innovation.

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