FAIR. prides itself in creating delicious spirits ethically and well, you know, fair. The newest tasty product is the Pomegranate Liqueur. FAIR.’s alcohol is produced in France and is known to have Fairtrade on all ingredients used in their spirits. They vow to take drinking responsibly to the next level, carefully picking and choosing the highest quality and Fair Trade Certified ingredients worldwide. FAIR. promotes integrity, transparency, and equality to all producers involved showing care to farmers and workers.
The sweet scent of pomegranate, cranberry, and cherry takes over all senses in the new Pomegranate Liqueur. The ruby-red juice of the nutritious pomegranates from Uzebekistan are beautifully displayed in the sleek, simple design of the bottle. The organic sugar in this liqueur is sourced from Malawi and Paraguay and Fair Trade Certified as well. The acidity from the fruity pomegranates and sweetness of the sugar balance each other out fantastically creating deliciousness in every sip.