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Consumers in the world today are constantly faced with the responsibility and the growing challenge of choosing products that are not only satisfying but also promise to be socially and environmentally conscious in their production. After years of environmental harm, we have realized our mistakes and realized one important truth. Our planet matters.Greenbar Distillery Tree Planting 2 drink me Greenbar Distillery

Photo Credit: Sustainable Harvest International

Where our products come from and how they’re produced matter. The increase for products that are high quality yet low impact, and when it comes to food and beverage, taste good is a major reason for companies to make change. One LA based distillery has confronted this growing need for a better world and better food by offering consumers a line of spirits that fully embody a culture of love, sustainably, and superior quality. Greenbar Distillery is breaking the mold of traditional distillation across the board by combining classic and modern techniques and supplying drinkers with bold flavors made from delicious organic ingredients without the harmful chemicals. They believe in the concept that your choices matter, and not just life choices, but liquor choices as well. The distillers at Greenbar Distillery firmly believe in creating strong and lasting relationships with their customers and with their world.  The central idea behind their unique craft distilling process is the promise that consumers know what is in their product, where it comes from, and the impact it has. And, their main argument: if we treat the earth better, things will grow better, food will taste better, and the organic ingredients that appear in all of Greenbar Distillery’s diverse recipes will blow your taste buds away.Greenbar Distillery Tree Planting 3 drink me Greenbar Distillery

Photo Credit: Sustainable Harvest International

Greenbar Distillery’s commitment to environmental responsibility starts from the ground up, literally. They use light weight glass, recycled materials, and, most importantly, one bottle equals one tree planted. Today they estimate to have planted more than 600,000 trees. Imagine this, drinking a cocktail equals carbon negativity for the day, enjoying a whole bottle with friends equals 2 weeks. By making this promise, Greenbar Distillery offers its consumers the opportunity to erase their carbon footprint for the day and to enjoy the finer things in life all while contributing to a better future and a greener world. Why is sustainability important? Simply put, because our global future depends on it. Greenbar Distillery is not only setting an industry standard in the quality and the flavors of their spirits but also by adhering to a sustainable business model they are proving to competitors, and consumers alike, that it can be done, and be done well. So pour yourself a glass, or buy yourself a bottle, and embrace the flavor, and the joy, in every sip that comes from knowing you are contributing to a better, greener world.

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