The Bay Area is no stranger to the generosity of millionaires, but most recently, it seems like wine is the chosen gift to give! The incredibly thoughtful act is being carried out in restaurants across the Bay Area and Silicon Valley and is most frequently gifted to those who look like they could do with a little cheering up.

Named as “SecretSommCA“, according to their Twitter account, this mysterious wine-giver is bringing joy and happiness to many wine lovers across the area. So far just over $2,000 worth of wine has been donated to over 50 lucky recipients. According to local sources, the generosity will continue to pour (literally) across the Valentines Day period.

We may not know who you are Secret Somm, but we applaud what you are doing and think it’s a truly wonderful thing. Touching peoples lives through the power of wine… what could be better? Here’s us raising a glass to you!