When Manfred Jüni started zzysh® in 2009 he had the simple, elegant goal of preserving the flavor and freshness of food and drink in a simple, accessible way. His aim was to create a device that could preserve the freshly-opened quality of one’s favorite wines and champagnes, a device that would be easy to use and equally accessible to consumers and businesses alike.

The zzysh® Starterset includes one hand piece (pump), one airtight stopper, and one cartridge. The stopper seals the bottle, preventing any air from slipping into the wine before the pump injects argon gas into the bottle, thereby preserving the wine and preventing any oxidation, or loss of color or flavor. Now the savvy dinner party host can freely open multiple wines to pair with every course and rest comfortably knowing zzysh® will protect and preserve every bottle, leaving it as delicious weeks later as it was the first moment the cork was lifted.

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