Think about everything you want in a great bottle of Cab Sauv. Well this wine has it, in spades.

All of San Pedro’s wines are produced with love as a tribute to the founding of the city almost a century and a half ago. Each wine produced comes from specific locations and vineyards which offer unique flavor profiles and attribute distinctive personalities that vary from year to year with each vintage produced. This particular vintage is award winning, affordable and ravishing in red.

Pouring out of the bottle in a rich, deep ruby red with purple tones, this wine hits the nose with an aromatic intensity that speaks of bold and spicy notes of green pepper and nutmeg, blended and softened with ripe red fruit aromas like cherry, strawberry and raspberry

This extra fine wine, like many excellent cabernets, is just begging to be paired with a great meal. So, break out the meats and marinades because this vintage is ideal for well-seasoned meals containing game birds, grilled red meats, and creamy risottos and strong flavorful cheeses. See, I told you this wine has everything.