One of Italy’s most well regarded wineries is finally making its way to the States. San Marzano first opened in 1962 in the southern Italian region known as the Puglia. The region is sandwiched between the Adriatic and Ionian seas which results in a soil and climate that produces grapes that are renowned for their versatility and pair-ability. To fully utilize these fantastic grapes, San Marzano strikes a balance between using old world technique and modern tools to craft high-quality wines that are indicative of the Puglia region.

This is on display in the three wines that San Marzano is launching in America: Talò Negroamaro ($16.99), Tramari Rose ($16.99), and the Sessantanni ($33.99). The Negroamaro provides an introduction to the regions wines with its powerful black currant and vanilla aroma that leads to a full-bodied and balanced palate with a long pleasant finish. The Tramari Rose translates into “between the seas” and the wine runs with this theme striking a balance between the rose and raspberry notes with an elegant palate. Finally, the Sessantanni is an incredible aged wine that rests for up to 12 months in its casks before being ready to drink. With an interesting aroma that is a mixture of cherry, nutmeg and cacao that leads to a finish with coffee, tobacco, and vanilla notes, this wine is deserving of being a flagship of this incredible winery. Certainly you need to try to get your hands on these wines if you can.


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