When in London, do as the Neapolitans do: enjoy authentic pizza. The newly opened Quartieri, located in the district of Kilburn, is inspired by a 1923 family recipe from the restaurateurs of Naples’ famous Pizzeria Trianon Vomero. What’s the difference between this and the lukewarm pie that comes to your door via the surly delivery boy? One, the dough’s slow rise with minimal yeast yields an extraordinary crust that you actually want to eat; two, you can watch expert hands kneading, flipping, and baking from your table. Choices include classics like marinara and modern twists such as lemony costiera amalfitana: all pizzas are served as “cartwheels,” perfect for sharing. Of course, no Italian meal is complete without wine…Quartieri brings its own reds and whites to the table from a vineyard located near Mount Vesuvius. In keeping with its origins (as well as its name), the restaurant’s walls are divided into four quarters that encapsulate Naples itself: a verdant “hill” of potted herbs, industrial iron and lava stone, coastal blue tones, and centro storico old-city brick.

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