The first thing you notice about Salute American is its unquestionable connection to its roots. Crafted from all-american corn and wheat grains sourced directly from the heartland, the bottle gleams in the sunlight, showcasing glimmers of red, white and blue. With its distillery located in New York and even the nostalgic 1945 era military canteen bottles produced in Missouri, you really do get a sense of patriotism beyond this delicious vodka.

When Pete Kelly set out to create the brand, his intention was to give back those who had fought so hard to make this country what it is. That said—since 2011, Salute American has brought in over $60,000 to various Veteran charities, that’s $1 for every bottle sold.

Showcasing a crystal clear color, Salute brings forth neautral aromas, a slight minerality combined with honey nut loaf, chalk and a slight crushed pepper finish. We’re talking about a bold vodka, with deep flavor and the perfect accompaniment to a nice tonic.