One of the oldest and most iconic rum producers in the world is celebrating its 250th anniversary. The SAINT JAMES brand established a plantation in 1765 when it first began producing rum and is classified under Rhum Agricole (a style of rum distilled from freshly squeezed sugar cane juice grown in an authorized area rather than molasses). They produce a variety of rums including white, golden, amber, premium, and extra-aged blends.

In order to truly and appropriately celebrate this monumental year, SAINT JAMES has specially created a commemorative bottling aptly named SAINT JAMES Cuvée 1765, which is blended with the original 1765 style in mind. This rich amber colored liquid holds sweet butterscotch notes with balancing spices to finish. Overall, Cuvée 1765 is an incredibly smooth and clean experience that will rock your taste buds. Sip on the history that built this rum empire and appreciate the minute flavor differences sugarcane brings to the table.