Les Vignobles Foncalieu is a French co-operative that produces over 1000 wines across southwestern France and has been operating since 1967. Co-operatives are well-regarded in France, particularly in the southwestern region, and are valued as an important part of the country’s wine culture. A wide variety of rich, complex, and unique wines are able to be produced through cooperative winegrowing.

The particularly warm, dry climate of Coteaux d’Ensérune creates a unique and meticulous harvest of grapes for Ensédune Malbec. Malbec is characterized by their dry flavor, and this particular wine balances fruity and floral notes. Cherry and raspberry initially touch the nose, followed by notes of licorice and peony to create a vibrant, bright finish. Pair with a decadent red meat to compliment the rustic, dryness of Ensedune Malbec.

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