Accomplishing a fulfilling, pleasurable, and health-conscious lifestyle requires a delicate balance. You work out regularly (or at least semi-regularly); you eat a wholesome diet rich in fresh fruits, vegetables, and lean protein; and you faithfully consume endless liters of cool, pure water. You even floss. Most of the time.

But when the weekend rolls around, sometimes you like to kick back on the front porch with a moderately cheeky afternoon cocktail with a touch of sweetness, like a delightfully limey margarita or a refreshing mojito rife with crisp mint leaves. By mixing your chosen libation with Roya Spirit Organic Simple Syrup  you can segue from the practiced restraint of your workweek to a gently hedonistic weekend with ease.

The world’s first and only simple syrup that is both 100% USDA certified organic and zero calorie, this liquid sweetener is brilliant for creating the perfect “skinny” cocktail that won’t leave you with that unattractive pucker created by the unbalanced overuse of citrus.

Iranian-born Roya Spirit  owner Rohini is not only a clever entrepreneur, she’s a highly lauded mixologist herself, christened “The Cocktail Queen” by SOMA Magazine for her work behind some of the best bars in San Francisco. Now a devoted mother with a passion for a holistic lifestyle, Rohini came up with the recipe for Roya Spirit  utilizing organic Stevia which is 200x sweeter than sugar, allowing the nectar to amplify sweetness without amplifying your waistline. 

The simple syrup is also vegan, gluten free, and GMO-free, earning marks for planet-friendly processing and packaging. You can use it in your coffee and smoothies as well as adult beverages, but we had more fun experimenting with cocktail recipes we can drink on the treadmill. Ahem, after the treadmill. We’re particularly fond of a mojito crafted with fresh mango and Roya Spirit Organic Simple Syrup . It even seems, dare we say, healthy? Finding balance has never been easier.

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