Every once in a while a wine’s cool factor is actually backed up by substance inside. This time it is Rob Murray Vineyards Force of Nature and Tooth & Nail collection of wines that made us take notice and get reenergized about wine. The projects are a vision of Rob Murray and his team of maverick wine guys who have a knack for discovering unused vineyards and exploiting their potential. Based in Paso Robles, the visionary viticulturalists seek to defy the naysayers who believe Paso is a region of bumpkins. We’re all on board for a little fresh attitude in the wine industry. The tasting notes are equally cool, both well designed and filled with original, refreshing content. Believe us, original wine notes are hard to come by and equally difficult to pull off. If you’re expecting wines that are “brooding in intensity” or with “a juicy and invigorating palate” or even promised “hints of spice, soy and sweet maple sap” then that’s what you’ll get. Yes, please.