Sugar and spice and everything nice! With only a handful of weeks left until spring begins to shine upon us, stay warm and peachy keen with these delightfully sweet spirits.

St. George – Raspberry Brandy
St. George Raspberry Brandy

Location: California
Alcohol: 80 proof
Score: 94 Pts

Taking brandy to a whole new level with dreamy ripe raspberry bursting right out of the glass. The palate is literally mouthwatering with essences of dried raspberry seeds, fruit leather, and a creamy overlay. – JA

pür•likör – ‘Blossom’ Elderflower Liqueur
Elderflower Liquer

Location: Germany
Alcohol %: 44 proof
Score: 91 Pts

Like a perfect cold remedy – fruity and herbal with a soothing touch of honey. Luscious elderflower, apple juice, sweet chamomile, and angelica herb comfort the palate followed by the subtle bitterness of Earl Grey tea. – JA

pür•likör – ‘Spice’ Blood Orange Liqueur
Blood Orange

Location: Germany
Alcohol %: 44 proof
Score: 91 Pts

A great addition to a winter warmer, fresh cocktail, or delicious on its own. A spice rack of complexities like candied orange, cloves, allspice, nutmeg, and apricots form this sweet potpourri balanced by bitter citrus zest. – JA

Papa’s Pilar – Dark Rum
Papa's Pillar

Location: Florida
Alcohol %: 86 proof
Score: 90 Pts

A Venus fly trap that sucks you in with its satiny softness and pretty aromatics of maple, honey, vanilla oil, redcurrant, and sassafras. Then SNAP! You’re trapped with a satisfying attack of chili pepper and dark chocolate. – JA