Some questions are impossible to answer. How often do you loose sleep over this one: hot tub party or beach bash? Questions like these are like ping-pong – the debate is entirely unsolvable. On the one hand you’re in warm water, on the other hand you’re in cool. Here you’re sitting, there you’re splashing. You’ve got a lawn or you’ve got sand. You really can’t go wrong with either and that is EXACTLY what the problem is. However, the problem doesn’t lie in either option. No. Nothing is wrong with the beach. Hot tubbing is flawless. In fact, the flaw lies not in the left or the right, the flaw lies in the line between the two.

And then sometimes something comes along to nullify the debate: the HotTug.

Check it.

The HotTug is designed by Rotterdam barge-man Frank de Bruijn. He created a wood-fired hot tub that you can sail or anchor. Relax en route or soak staying put. When the tub is full, it sits inches above the water putting you at one with your surroundings and at eye level with the ducks.

You can rent one in the Netherlands, Great Britain, and Denmark.

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