Believe it or not, vodka is still a ‘thing’. Now that much of society is finally off of the vodka-cranberry habit, we can finally take a fresh breathe and taste of vodka that deserves more attention than being gulped down at a cheesy nightclub. Here are some fine examples of vodka that you’ll want to spend some alone time with…in a glass.

Boyd & Blair   –   Potato Vodka

One for the record books, this small-batched handcrafted vodka is simply and utterly divine. Soft textured with a mild hint of sweetness, it explores nuances of vanilla, honey, and a lingering pepper finish. Drink this neat over ice. Do it. –JA

Location: Pennsylvania
Alcohol: 40% abv
Price: $32
Score: 95 Pts

Square One Organic Spirits   – Bergamot Vodka

A true beauty in a bottle, zesty citrus peel leaps out of the glass along with perfumes of ginger and juniper. Seamless complexity and great depth, on the palate it expresses flavors of cardamom, coriander, and a spice kick on the finish that leaves a coolness on the palate. –JA

Location: Idaho
Alcohol: 40% abv
Price: $30
Score: 94 Pts

AO   –   Vodka 

Salaryman meets Japanese punk rock counterculture.  Distilled from rice, clean scents of steamed sticky rice, cherry blossoms, and dry pebbles are soon clashed by a surprisingly curvaceous body and grainy kick of lip-piercing spice. –JA

Location: Japan 
Alcohol: 40% abv
Price: $45
Score: 93 Pts

Ocean   –   Organic Vodka

Clean textured with exotic essences of raw coconut, iris and creamy macadamia. Its shapely structure is perked up by a backdrop of sea salt and a volcanic flow of minerality on the finish. – JA

Location: Maui
Alcohol: 40%
Price: $33
Score: 90 pts   

Bear Force – VIP Vodka

A smooth touch followed by a bear-size bite of thyme, wild grasses, angelica, and lingering spearmint. Like getting VIP access to a classy gentlemen’s club, it’s not to be taken too seriously. Just sit back and enjoy.   – JA

Location: Russia
Alcohol: 40% abv 
Price: $27
Score: 90 Pts

Grand Traverse Distillery  – True North Vodka

Taking your palate on a joyride with tobacco leaf, juicy nectarine, and lavender hovered in a cloud of charcoal smoke. It ends on a zesty note of pepper, just to give you something to remember it by.   – JA

Location: Michigan
Alcohol: 40% abv
Price: $30
Score: 91 Pts