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Although the full name of this annual small batch release is quite a mouthful, it is exquisitely light on the tongue. Beginning with her barrel-aged Reposado, Master Distiller Maria Theresa Lara utilizes wet Scotch casks to finish her tequila for the final two months of the aging process. What emerges is a smooth-bodied sipping spirit with a gentle amber glow. Although the producers won’t disclose the specific Scotch barrels used to finish this tequila, the nose and finish suggest a well-rounded Highland. Caramelized overtures linger, ever-so-slightly, and bind to the vegetal threads of desert cactus that underpin every sip of an expertly produced Reposado. An ideal marriage of agave and soaked oak. Less than 13,000 bottles make their way to the States annually.

Score: 97
Price: $89.99