To even be considered a respectable distillery in England, you better produce a decent gin.

East London Liquor Company, located in the heart of the capital city’s Bow Wharf, does better than decent. This distillery produces a fine London Dry Gin, as well as two premium batch gins.

Their standard, 40% ABV London Dry Gin is made with a wheat spirit. In addition to the standard juniper, the spirit is infused with lemon and grapefruit peel, as well as coriander, angelica root, cubeb berries and cardamom. At its price point, it makes artisanal gin more accessible to the mass of drinkers who often go with the big names like Bombay and Beefeater.

For those looking for something a little stronger and more upmarket, their 45% ABV “Batch 1” premium gin treats drinkers to a well-rounded spirit with flavors like cassia bark, Darjeeling tea and pink grapefruit peel.

Even stronger is the company’s “Batch 2” premium gin. This 47% ABV gin is infused with botanicals like fennel seed, orris root, lavender, sage and bay leaf. It won a silver medal at the 2015 International Spirits Challenge, which makes this gin an easy source of pride for East London Liquor Company… and England generally.