Recent studies on coffee plantations on Easter Island have revealed that Chile should be included in the so-called Coffee Belt. Chilean professionals that are already on the international specialty coffee circuit opened a new chapter, which through the agricultural and commercial knowledge of the country expect to start a revolution in the high end gourmet scene. A collaborative process was initiated to convene public institutions of scientific research and high specialization in coffee to begin studies and work on the ground with everything related to Rapa Nui coffee.

 bee coffee shop drink me Old Coffee Shop Trees Found in Easter Island

The appeal of Chilean coffee for the international market is high for its quality and traceability as well as the confidence in the commercial management. The nation intends to position itself in the niche market of gourmet products and articulate a Road Map of the specialty coffee from Rapa Nui. Omar Arab, Venture Capital Specialist will be in charge of the mentoring program with a 3 month plan in working sessions with the project team through AgroWine Lab’s business accelerator.