The craftsmen of Ireland have joined hands to present a limited edition set of handmade guitars that you can obtain in your own home. The eldest whiskey distillers in Europe, Bushmillls, has donated their spare barrel materials to the small staffed artisans of Lowden instruments to create a series of seriously individualistic pieces of art. Lowden’s years of experience from their founding in 1974, combine the multiple types of wood to form something that is visually reflecting the layered history of the 400 year old Bushmills distilling process. Not only is this functional artistry, but they’re taking advantage of a market that United States hasn’t; because of distilling laws The States are only legally allowed to use aging whiskey barrels once before they are required to dispose of them, most European countries (especially Ireland) have taken advantage of these low cost barrels and double-purposed them into eco-friendly artwork whose music will project for others to enjoy for years.