Wine is one of the most popular drinks in the world. Many people might think they know about wine, but according to Jancis Robinson there is a lot more to know then anyone could ever imagine. Jancis is famous for her serious books on wine, such as The Oxford Companion to Wine, The World Atlas of Wine, and Wine Grapes. She has recently published a smaller book, which is now known as The 24-Hour Wine Expert. Jancis shares her knowledge of wine with wittiness, approachability, and influence. She explains the difference of red and white, shapes of bottles and labels, colour, smell, descriptions of flavor, price-quality connection, and how to pair wine with food.

This brief and general book will help wine lovers all over the world stop and think about their drink. Most people think that the most expensive wine is the best, red wine is stronger than white, all wine improves with age, and most commonly that wine needs to breath between opening and pouring. Throughout 112 brief pages, you will be surprised to find out that those myths you’ve been hearing all along were wrong. This handy little book will be sure to answer all of the questions you’ve been wondering about wine. They say a glass of wine a day makes you live longer…so go ahead pour yourself a glass before reading!