The name alone should pique your interest. What wouldn’t you do for a little rapidcool treatment? Slow cool just really isn’t that compelling.

Scientists and engineers backed by the European Commission have put their heads together for your drinking pleasure. Oh, and it also will save the planet. This is the deal: Rapidcool chills individual beverage cans or bottles from room temperature to four degrees Celsius in 45 seconds. And it does so using far less energy than refrigerators—saving retailers’ money, your money, space in the fridge, and the environment. Imagine never having to stock your fridge or fit your tub of yogurt in next to a stack of beer bottles. Foresight and frustration be gone!

They’ve developed a product for retailers and have begun drafts of their design for at-home use. The device will hit the markets in the later half of 2014. Catch it if you can. $ TBD