Over Hoof Spiced Rum, created by the same producers of the popular Cloven Hood Spiced Rum, is satanically delicious. Distilled in Guyana, Over Hoof’s mission is to bring a little mischief into your lives. With only 666 bottles available, and at 66.6% ABV, this devilish dark rum is worth selling your soul.

This quality spiced rum is punchy, but pleasant enough to be sipped. The caramelization and spicing are light, which is perfect for even the most casual sinners. The spices it is infused with include cloves, star anise, and cassia bark. The name, which is a pun on “over proof”, and the bottle that smiles back at you, is sure to catch the eye of anyone you are serving. For your next party, go a little crazy and serve some Over Hoof Spiced Rum, and who knows—the Devil himself might come calling.

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