In the South of France, Les Sources De Caudalie’s enchanting spirit is enough to pull any traveler inside its doors. Once inside however, the experiences that it has to offer will make you never want to leave.

Their new film promoting the hotel showcases your entire stay. As the birds chirp over lake side views at dawn, you’ll be treated to a delicious breakfast in bed. Relaxing porch recliners in the L’Île aux Oiseaux (Bird Island) Suite overlook the gorgeous green landscape, while a bike ride through their vineyards and a stop at Château Smith Haut Lafitte awaits you in the afternoon. Since the hotel operates in and is molded by these very vineyards, there is plenty of wine tasting to come as evening sets in. For dinner, your meal is prepared fresh, from farm to table, as everything consumed during your stay comes from the surrounding land. Afterwards, relax with a massage in the Vinothérapie spa or go for a swim among the picturesque beauty of their indoor pool. Amid luxury and exceptional service, you truly will find serenity among the vines. The address says Bordeaux, France, but it could be easily mistaken for heaven.

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