So, maybe you didn’t actually track down a baby unicorn—and it would probably be best to leave out the bit about reducing it to tears—but that doesn’t mean that Valentine’s Day can’t be magical, right?  And with Firebox’s tiny, twee take on its popular Unicorn Tears Gin Liqueur, the offbeat brand’s Mythical Tears line is here to help you “Level up Your Love Game” this year.

Smaller, cuter, but just as sweet as its adult (50cl) counterpart, the baby (5cl) gin bottle imparts two shots’ worth of millennial-pink magic in perfectly travel-sized proportions.  Best of all, the Pink Gin’s magical properties have been harvested from a herd of free-range unicorns, a fact that will make even the most eco-conscious weep tears of joy.  And while the secret to the elixir’s alchemy makes the quest for the Holy Grail look like child’s play, Firebox has managed to secure 5,000 bottles of the precious liquid for its fortunate UK consumers.  Buy yours now before someone else does.  Love, like fuchsia unicorns, won’t wait.

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