It can be difficult for a longstanding brand to retain its relevance and popularity in the marketplace. Many have not withstood the test of time. Those that survive do so in a variety of ways. Extending a product range, searching for new markets, and rebranding are all common strategies. A relatively new trend is collaborative projects. This usually takes the form of two companies that produce the same type of good or service. Pimm’s has upended this standard in their new Brunch Series.

Pimm’s is partnering with several London restaurants to release a limited Pimm’s brunch menu and four new Pimm’s cocktails. The brunch spots include Bourne and Hollingsworth, Eggbreak, Friends of Ours, Megan’s, Brew, and Brother Marcus. The four brunch-approved Pimm’s cocktails are the Pimm and Proper, Pimm’s Fizz, Pimm’s Short and the Gentleman’s Mule. Brunch is undoubtedly a popular weekend activity yet the list of beverages vying for a spot on the table is short. Pimm’s makes a good argument for their sweet and savory concoctions to be an option. Even if you can’t make it to one of the featured restaurants, try out a Pimm cocktail in place of your Bloody Mary next time you decide to bask in the delights of brunch.