What does Wi-Fi have to do with Weissbier? Win a Pico from PicoBrew and find out. Whether you consider yourself a suds specialist or say ‘idk’ about IPA, this revolutionary gadget transforms your countertop into a top-notch brewery. You can create over 60 different well-loved beers from pubs the world over, including pale ales, porters, stouts, and more (check the company’s website frequently for new additions; the collection constantly grows). The possibilities begin with the PicoPak: Place this pod of essential ingredients in the Pico. Then push one button, and the appliance recognizes what’s inside…proceeding to brew it precisely per the maker’s recipe via a local Wi-Fi connection! The whole process takes about two hours, yielding five liters of expertly made stuff in just one to two weeks. Pico has included everything you need from start to finish: the stainless steel appliance comes with a brewing keg, five-liter serving keg, carbonation kit, and starter PicoPak.

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Do you like to push the effervescence envelope? You’re in good company! New Pico Model C whips up kombucha tea, gluten-reduced beers, and even your own beer flavor ideas. If that wasn’t enough, it’s even more affordable and user friendly than its predecessor. Ingenuity works up an appetite—so why not use the accompanying sous-vide adapter to convert your hardworking home brewer into a chef? (With uniform heat, the appliance also fine tunes food to achieve perfectly cooked dishes.) The No. 1 Kickstarter Live Food Project, Model C’s creation was fully funded within seven hours—but now, with the advent of yet another invention, the campaign still has a few days left. As a bonus, PicoBrew’s team is perfecting PicoFerm—this state-of-the-art Web-connected monitor allows even beginners to control the tricky chemical breakdown key to fermented drinks. Until May 12, backers pledging $250 or more will receive the PicoFerm as a thank you for making it a reality. With hopes of becoming the most successful Kickstarter food project of all time, the company toasts everyone who helps cause a stir: check out their latest progress to find out more! You can also back the KickStarter by clicking HERE.

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