Eric Prum and Josh Williams founded W&P Design in 2012 in Brooklyn, New York. They came together to build a business that shows their love and passion for designing user friendly, creative products for food and beverage. They use their experience in the world of food and beverage to invent products that enable everyday people to make top of the line food and drinks.

Peak Ice Cubes drink me

Beyond their many popular inventions such as the pineapple tumbler, carry on cocktail kit, mason shaker, and homemade hot sauce kit, W&P Design introduces an innovative new collection of ice trays: Peak Ice Works. These ice trays are designed to improve the process of making your own ice at home while also elevating the quality of the drink in your glass. The tray makes 12 single ice cubes and has an internal steel frame that makes filling and transporting the ice to your freezer as simple as can be. It also includes a protective lid that blocks out the pesky odors from your freezer. Begin elevating your ice experience today!



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