W&P Design is a kitchenware company based out of Brooklyn, NY that creates products inspired by combined passions for vintage Americana, southern sensibility and New York industrialism. Paying tribute to both the bygone American eras and modern usability, W&P also stays true to the Southern roots and with it comes another versatile tool. A reinvented knife is taking over your home or professional bar. The Bartender’s Knife is perfectly designed to complete a bar, equipped with a multi-purpose blade that allows you to cut, peel, slice and pick your favorite cocktail ingredients. It comes with a natural sharpening stone to keep your blade sharp and your cuts precise at all times.

This perfected bartender’s knife has a full tang handle for perfect balance and stable slicing. Made out of polished hardwood to be water-resistant and provide a comfortable grip, it is an extremely convenient and handy tool in your bar. The 7-inch blade made out of premium steel combined with the brass rivets provide for a durable construction and accented design. It is a hand wash only knife; so don’t by mistake slip it into your dishwasher. Besides that, purchase this knife for the ultimate bartending experience whether at work serving eager customers or in the comfort of your home.

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